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Partnering with Grand Finale Services provides the following benefits:

Operation assessment:
Our partner clients enjoy a comprehensive forensic evaluation and assessment of their entire product mix to evaluate inventory levels and usages. All aspects of the service process and product mix are examined in detail to create a “real cost” picture of your total program. This ensures all avenues of costs are not overlooked which in turn identifies and targets the areas for expense reduction and cost savings.

Contract management:
Our expertise in contract negotiations and compliance controls provides long term value while controlling real time expenses and yielding immediate savings.

Management reporting:
Grand Finale Services
takes the worry out of confusing complex data. Our reporting structure can be tailored to your specific needs enabling you to verify and validate real savings on an ongoing basis.

Partnership consulting:
Partnering with Grand Finale Services provides our clients with the added benefits of exploring additional opportunities for expense reduction and cost savings. Virtually all services utilized can be examined, audited and evaluated. Grand Finale Services is a full service, comprehensive asset to our partner clients.

Issue Resolution:
Partnering with Grand Finale Services empowers our clients to concentrate on their core business without being distracted by non core business issues. As your partner advocate, Grand Finale Services works to manage and resolve floor level issues in your behalf. This program generates additional hard cost savings for our partner clients as their staff is no longer required to devote time to non core business matters.

Expense management & cost controls:
To ensure long term benefits are realized, Grand Finale Services is committed to ongoing expense management, cost control measures and auditing of the service programs instituted in our partner client organizations. Again, this relieves the time and staffing commitments companies normally are required to devote to any service program. We do it for you.

Without Grand Finale Services
Without Grand Finale Services
With Grand Finale Services
With Grand Finale Services


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